TheJOB Corporate

Match Making

Opportunities await simply at your fingertip. Match making gives you a new experience of the world’s most innovative function of matching up recruiters’ posted jobs and candidate’s milestones. Recruiters can easily find the right candidates by spending just a few seconds to engage candidates in target list and easily to communicate with the prospects candidates. Additionally, candidate can also enjoy the matching algorithm with the posted jobs as well. The job is the tool to minimize distance between countries. You can find jobs all around the globe with only one fingertip


Milestone is where candidates can express their joyful professional journeys in one attractive simple page. You can update your experiences, skills, achievements, and personal information.See each professional candidates who is open for re-locating to new opportunities by only checking on his/her status


Builds and creates the community of opportunities sharing by your own hands. Both Recruiters and candidates gain mutual benefits by the world of professional recommendations.


Recommendation is where you experience our smart engine delivering you matched candidates and posted jobs like never before.


Update your applied jobs status, approaches you have got and who looks forward to meet you!!!

Jobs Variety

In The Job, Candidate can discover the most variety of job opportunities in any industries, any job functions, and any pay levels.

Search Engine

Experience an accuracy from our smart search engine, match making and the new ways to commercialize your business Exploring the express way to discover the suitable candidates to the position that you are hunting. Recruiter can find the right candidate by just a few keywords, which generated the result with the matching percentage algorithm shown on each resulted candidates. The more you use our service, the smarter the engine and the better services

Cost Solution Center

Match your budget with our packages, which suit all types of business High subscription cost for job posting? Forget about that! You can hunt professional candidates with just the package start from USD 150 only! Let’s The Job be your partner for your recruiting solution. We have variety of packages to be selected based on your type of business. The simple privileges you can get from all package are; You can post all of positions you wants until you current budget has reached the threshold You only pay to the right candidates that you really need their contact and profile to be stored Forget about the search limitation and job posting limitation No more such short period expiration of job posting Mobility, lessen your sunk cost of rental office space, laptop, PC, and etc. Need more branding and advertising of your cooperation? Discover more on our remarkable packages


The Job Reports saves your most valuable resource, time, with our smart technology platform and our variety of opportunities Insight Stay tune by monitoring your performance with data that’s updated every few hours instead of every few days. Team performance View your team performance, build strategy, find the new solutions Response rate Find response rate from all of your candidates from each of your posted job with just a simple clic

Recruiter on the go

No more sitting in the desk and staring at the monitor all day long The Job offers you the new recruiting solution. You can access and work any places and anywhere as long as your device has accessibility to our various choices of technology platforms via mobile application and responsive website. As smart phone is a must have item_section checkway, we try our best to create the new way of communication channel not only by working via laptop or PC. You can access to The Job in any places. Hunting and recruiting, and quickly making an appointment with prospect candidates We provide the most efficient channel to reduce your sunk cost such as rental office space and computers.