TheJOB Corporate

What is THE JOB?

The Job is Digital Platform of commercial workplace and Jobs marketplace, where people can shop around for jobs that fit with goals individually. We develop iProfile to integrate between social of candidates and our business members.

Why do we develop this platform?

THE JOB is invented by the concept of amplifying the direct engagement between people and businesses via a solitary digital platform In today fast moving digital world, people spend lesser time to search for jobs or apply only well-known company or only the familiar firms. Consequently, they might unfortunately neglect to the more suitable opportunities. On the business side, they are also struggling to engage with potential high-caliber candidates, offer exciting roles, and lastly offer fruitful pay-slip. Despite that, they are not yet well-known or familiar to the prospects.

Want to have iProfile? How to register? Which site to download?

According to THE JOB concept, THE JOB intensifies the opportunities of engagement between business and people with Artificial-Intelligence (AI) performing algorithm calculation to select the suitable candidates and jobs based on individual preferences, industry, job function, working experience, education, skills, and so on. We have been developing iProfile to innovatively disrupt CV/Resume on expression of your journey not just your working experiences and your successful stories. Would it be great to genuinely highlight yourself, show your interests, and freely share it to the world? iProfile is invented to by-pass all these limitations from paper based to digital based THE JOB keeps expanding our network around Thailand, CIMLV, and around the globe soon. You can easily call THE JOB, a Digital Platform of commercial workplace and Jobs marketplace.

Are there any new solutions compared to current solutions in the market?

Before answering this question, we want to refer the statement of top 5 managements of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector regarding to recruitment They stated that “If I cannot find you online, you are not in my interest” There are 2 groups of employees First group is still familiar with CV/Resume submission for job application. We recommend this group to register THE JOB iProfile. It is always painful for Business/Company to download, search, and manage storage for CV/Resume in word/PDF format in server; hence, Business cannot see your CV/Resume easily. You can imagine that Millennial HR recruiters manage their job in much more convenience when searching iProfile online rather than skimming through CV/Resume. Second group possesses the online profile in other platforms. Despite that they still provide less job opportunity due to skyrocket service fee, which business South East Asia region does not prefer to pay so, consequently, this second group is approached by head hunter or Recruitment Agency directly. We still recommend you to register iProfile with THE JOB to control your opportunity just fingertips and explore job opportunities where HR recruiter of particular business can directly approach you. THE JOB assured that iProfile is your personal assistance who serves matched jobs based on your personal preference in this digital commercial workplace and Jobs marketplace. If you like these shortlisted jobs, you just can effortlessly clicks apply and if they are not match you yet, you can refer to your beloved ones, which business can still see your iProfile as well. With iProfile you can be confirmed that you will not miss any opportunities.

Why do we define iProfile is the new currency and Job is the New Shopping?

We believe each milestone of our lives stated our character, our passions, and our experiences. Therefore, the more you update iProfile, the more incremental value of your iProfile. iProfile builds the bridge linkage between people and businesses or even among themselves can smoothly approach to each other’s. People and business can learn your iProfile rating based on you view, hyped, and job approached, which rating cannot be fraud fabricated Why is Business also searching for candidates who are individually famous, are admired in social network, and possess soft skills on top of matched working experiences and education background? Here is Why…. According to the popular researches, employing a candidate, who owns an extensive connection and is also admired by social, enhances the success rate of each projects, and builds great chemistry in working teams. Ultimately, business aims to build a strong culture and expand commercial networks. In the digital world, personal perspective regarding to job has been changed. Job is not just about salary, money, wages and returns, and benefits or individual responsibility but job might become in the form of passions and interests in precise products and services with the ultimate goal is to be proud on the success from teamwork or from grooming them to be known in the markets. According to above statements, solitary iProfile is distinct and unique in various areas. So, people nowadays only choose based on their preference, them believes, and is attracted by fascinating businesses. To sum up, “iProfile is the new currency and Job is the new shopping”

Who is suitable for iProfile?

The answer is everybody!

How to be THE JOB Business member? What are THE JOB Competencies?

We have been developing our new solutions to solve paint points of problem recruitment solutions THE JOB is developed under concept of digital recruiting tool for HR Recruiter of peculiar industries. Once post job, you will get matched list of candidates immediately. Then you can engage and contact candidate for pre-screening. After that you submit the pre-screen candidates to hiring manager to further interview. All of the processes and jobs are stored in reports to track all of activities statistics and HR recruiting activities performance.

Where does Matched list and Referred list come from?

THE JOB Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology does it all! Our AI calculate the algorithm based on the online linkage between iProfile of social network of commercial workplace and THE JOB business members. In initial stage, we plan to expand our network in Thailand and CIMLV and later to be a Global digital commercial workplace and job market place. This magical tool also provides an access to real-time big data of commercial workplace. Referred list is come from the referral from commercial work place. People always love to share opportunities to others. We are planning to provide the award for high rating referrers as they are nice and kind to this world of opportunities

7 Core competencies of THE JOB

  1. Fair payment – THE JOB offers unlimited job posting and pay only your engagements. As a cost solution wise you save more with our platform, once you hired the candidate, you can effortlessly turn off and once you want to recruit the same job position, you can easily turn on.
  2. Convenience, No more hit and hope, Time efficient, and do not miss any chance on meeting your graceful prospects. Our AI provides the matched list of jobs and candidates with smart algorithm to calculate % matched of prospects from iProfile. Simply to engage by just one fingertip pressing on the approach button!
  3. THE JOB uses coin system. Your business can save more if you manage it wisely.
  4. You can share your business branding in term of VDO or advertisement on our platform to attract candidates to learn more about your organization culture, location, working environment, product, and services without worrying to miss the targets as your company branding is communicated to commercial workplace.
  5. No more miss calls as your candidates are in the meeting, client visit, meeting with his/her boss, or even disturbed by their colleagues during the call. THE JOB chat message prevents these dilemmas.
  6. THE JOB provides personal assistance to log each engagements activity such as tracking on job application status and which candidates are submitted to Hiring manager to further interview, and so on.
  7. Recruitment on the go with THE JOB Mobile application

Is THE JOB pricey?

THE JOB acts as a cost solution centre of recruitment. We offer various packages from THB 5,000 (1,000 coins) for 2 months subscription to THB 20,000 (4,000 coins) for 12 months subscription. All of the packages receive an unlimited job posting right. Learn more about our package. We legitimately recommend a 1 year subscription package as you can highlight your company or employment branding, access to THE JOB big data and engagement activities throughout a year. So business can forget about developing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) inhouse software as it cannot be connected with social commercial work place