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Where people can build global connections

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The job is founded by Tannawee Family. The family has been regionally running executive recruitment business for more than 15 years.

The projected is started in 2015, we have been cultivating business model and researching with top tier IT developer firm in Canada. we have been constantly developing from scratch, prototype, trials and errors in order to put on the most innovative commercial workplace that our world ever interrogates for.

The job has been created from concept of how businesses and people engage each other in the digital world through the swift channel in the most efficient way


Prin Tannawee

Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Prin is the Co-Founder, He structures the roots of the organization, manages the marketing strategies and manage over all operation functions.

At the age of 23, he was selected by Samsung for Asia Elite (SAE) Program, a fast-track career path in Sales & Trade Marketing.

Currently we’re very welcome him on board with THE JOB

Nevertheless, the joy and pride of building something from scratch by his positive energy will reward the business in the long term when the organization is wellestablished and steadily growing.

Kavichart Tannawee

Director, board of director and Chief Financial and Technology Officer

Kavichart is the co-founder, board of director and chief financial and technology officer of The Job. He leads the development and design of the platform and its core algorithm to fulfill the experiences for users. He innovates the financial solutions for the organization with his vigorous experience of ex-Custodian banker at HSBC and Citibank.

Wikorn Tannawee

Director, board of director and Chief Strategy Officer

Wikorn is the Co-Founder. His role is set up a clear plan for success across four areas—Strategy, People, Execution and Communication.

He is an ex-senior Manager Customer Business Development Manager at Procter & Gamble. Currently is a Senior Manager Consumer & Shopper Insights at Pepsi