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is the new currency.

Jobs is the new shopping

Introduces the new Social Candidates, Jobs Marketplace and

Digital Recruiting Experiences

From False Solutions to New Experiences

Platform of the Consumers Workplace, where people shop for jobs that best fit with individual’s career goals.

A Digital Jobs gateway can make your business more engaging to people


For the young like us, job is the path finder that will lead us to possibilities, with opportunities under our control we no longer ask for a job we shop it. We shop the belief, the passion, and the culture. We shop the experiences, the excitement and the joy.


This is the generation where the definition of job has been changed. Job is not a duty or about the money. Job is about the people who come to share beliefs and create the culture together; therefore, we learn here’s to the generation where the job is the new shopping. For Talents, the Team, the Partners, the Vision and the Mentors we shop!

Redefining Our Purpose

Help solve and improve every steps of Job Search and Recruiting

Simplify recruitment process iProfile Integrates with the digital world between Social Candidates and Business.

Proactive Digital Engagement with relevant notifications, chat messages and full recording for researches.

Match making

Opportunities await simply at your fingertip. Matchmaking gives you a new experience of the world’s most innovative function.


Milestone is where you can express your joyful professional journeys in one attractive simple page. You can update your experiences, skills, achievements, personal informations, and your unique interests together with our active personal micro blog.


Builds and creates the community of opportunities shared by your own hands. Businesses and people gain mutual benefits by the world of professional recommendations.


Recommendation is where you feels our smart engine delivering you accurately matched professionals and jobs like never before.


Update your applied jobs status, approaches you have gotten and who looks forward to meet you!

Jobs variety

In the job, you can discover the most variety of job opportunities in any industries, any job functions, and any pay levels.

Search engine

Experience an accuracy from our smart search engine, match making and the new ways to commercialize your business

Cost solution

Match your budget with our packages, which suit all types of business


Save your most valuable resource, time, with our smart search engine and our B2C connection